Clearing Emotional and Mental Blocks to Balance Chakra System

The Auric field is our energy body; it surrounds the physical body and can expand off the body a few inches to several feet. This is why when you meet someone you can sense their energy or even within the field their thoughts, feelings and emotions. It can even be you are drawn to them or feel you want to avoid them, yet may know or not know consciously why. This is because you are picking up intuitively and energetically through you field connected to their field. Our chakras are invisible moving centers of energy within us that are not tangible yet affect us on an energy level, mental, emotional level and can affect our physical body. In the Western world we refer to the 7 Chakra system, but in the East there are more chakras related to the energy system. 

In understanding, clearing and balancing your aura and chakra system allows you to become the master of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and your energy body. It will empower you to know what you want to create in your life, change or get rid of. In having a session with me over the phone or in person in Sedona AZ, I can provide intuitive and psychic insights, as well as help you to understand where you are out of balance and to help you balance your own system. To learn more about the Chakras or set up an appointment visit my contact page or to learn about clearing your own Chakra System visit Blessings Nirup