• All readings, sessions and seminar participation are for persons 18 years or older.
  • All intuitive psychic services or materials are for educational purposes only.

  • As an enrollee, client, participant and student of SEDONA SACRED LIGHT INSTITUTE, from now on referred as SSLI, I understand, acknowledge and agree that I am responsible and assume all risks in engaging in all of my activity in receiving instruction, education, adventures, outings, hikes, and meditations while attending SSLI seminars.

  • I also assume all responsibility and risks of my person, body, decisions, physical condition, mental health, medical treatment, death, injury, illness, personal property, emotional health or disability at all times while attending SSLI seminars

  • This site, SSLI its psychics, spiritual counselors, teachers are not responsible for any actions or non-actions you may make as a result of any of our services. Nor is this site legally responsible for any of the comments, advice or actions. “SSLI” disclaims any liability to any client or entity for any loss or damages caused by acting or not acting upon any comment, advice or suggestion provided by any intuitive/psychic reader or spiritual counselor.

  • Any information given is not meant to replace legal, medical, and psychological or any other professional service. While we strive to use our best abilities to provide helpful psychic information, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed nor can any particular outcome be guaranteed. Please refer to our testimonials as evidence of the quality of our work. The psychic spiritual advice we give you, is there to bring guidance, clarity and direction, we all are given “free will – free choice”, therefore it is up to the client to be responsible and accountable to use the information to make decisions that best suit them in their life.

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  • “SSLI” reserves the right to deny service to anyone.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

At Sedona Sacred Light Institute, we want our customers to be satisfied with our services. If for any reason your experience does not meet with your satisfaction then we ask that you do the following:

Leave a detailed email at contact@sedonasacredlight.com or call 928-202-0973 as to why your experience was unsatisfactory. Please provide this information within 72 hours of receiving a session or product, so we may address this problem as soon as possible to resolve the issue.  Upon receipt of your email or call, we will review your concern. If our investigation reveals an unsatisfactory service experience, we may credit your account either fully or partially for a session depending on the amount of time the session lasted, and the amount of time for that particular area of the session you were not satisfied with, this does not include hearing information regarding your question that did not meet your desires, such as hoping for a certain outcome regarding a situation.

It is the responsibility of the client if within the first 5 – 10 minutes of your session you feel the session is not going to your satisfaction, that you ask that the session be stopped. Your payment will be refunded in full, waiting until the end of the session is not acceptable and no money will be refunded.  Your session may also be terminated on behave of Sedona Sacred Light Institute if we feel we cannot serve you in the way that supports both us and you.  Your money will be refunded.

If you have purchased training materials, DVD’s, CD’s and books as well as digital download, the purchase price will not be refunded unless the product was damaged or faulty. We may ask you to return the product for a replacement, depending on the product purchased.

 Refunds and Cancellations

For Workshops, Seminars and Trainings, there is a non refundable deposit of $150.00. All requests for refunds must be made in writing. A refund check minus a $150.00 processing fee will be issued for all cancellation requests 30 days before seminar starts. All requests for cancellation, made in writing, within two weeks of the seminar will be given a 50% refund or be allowed to transfer the fees to an upcoming seminar. No refunds will be issued after the seminar starts.