Awaken To Your Inner Psychic
Psychic Development Training In Sedona AZ

By Nirup Barnum

Join me in beautiful Sedona Arizona in exploring and developing your intuitive and psychic senses. Learn about meditation, the chakras, how to work with your dreams, and get to know your spirit guides.

Individual classes: Choose one area or combine a number of them.

Cost is $125.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
Discount price for 2 persons is $100.00 per person, per hour.

Discount price for 3 or more persons is $85.00 per person, per hour (classes will need to be extended in length to accommodate the number of participants – at no additional charge.)

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Basic Understanding of the Psychic Senses

Intuition.psychic2The psychic senses are our subtle senses that we perceive with beyond the physical body senses that we are familiar with such as seeing with our eyes, hearing with our ears, feeling with our hands. These subtle senses are also known as “High Sense Perception,” “Intuition,” “Psychic Abilities.”  They are part of our soul body, higher-consciousness, but on a subtler energy level.  We are given our psychic senses to guide us in life, to obtain what we want and what to avoid, to make a stronger connection to our soul self, and make a deeper connection to God/Source.

We will also cover how our psychic abilities are part of our spiritual path and that in developing our abilities we are also first and foremost focused on our spiritual awakening. This allows us to use our abilities in a positive way for all. This topic must be studied before learning how to open our abilities. (1 hr)

Opening Your Psychic Centers

Opening Third Eye Center, Clairvoyance: The third eye is our psychic clairvoyant center. This is our vision center where we can see images and impressions. This center helps one to see the path before them, and to connect to their higher self, and that of God/Source. In this class we will locate our third eye and open it, using simple techniques and to practice receiving information. (1 hr)

Opening Your Auditory Center, Clairaudience: This is our psychic center in which we can receive information coming through our subtle hearing. This can be from our soul self, guides, and higher awakened beings. We will cover the ways in which we receive this information; we will open this channel and practice receiving information. (1 hr)

Opening Your Sensing Channels, Clairsentience: The ability to feel and perceive the energy within our bodies, and that of others. This can be feeling the energy body and emotional body of others or perceiving others within our own energy and physical body.  In this exercise we will practice techniques to activate our energy body and fine-tune our clairsentient center within, to perceive energies, thoughts feelings, and to feel the healing energy in our hands. (1 hr)

Learning About the Chakra System:

The Chakras – Part 1 
Located in our bodies are powerful vortexes of energy called chakras. They are related to our soul body, subtle body and our physical body in different ways. In this exercise we will learn what the Chakras are, where they are located, what are the emotional/mental characteristics of the chakras, and how they affect us in our daily life. You will learn how to open and balance the chakras.  (2 hrs)

The Chakras – Part 2 
You will learn how balance the chakras through sound and color. We will look at how to release blockages in your chakras, and discover techniques on how to do so. We will work with the corresponding energy layers around our bodies, the auric field, and learn how to read and perceive the energies in the field. You will learn to give a chakra reading by penetrating into the layers of the chakras by using your energy hand and psychic perception, reading on the conscious, and unconscious levels of a person.  In order to take this topic you will have needed to complete the opening the psychic senses, and Learning About the Chakra System Part 1. (3 hrs)

The energy in our bodies comes from the Universal Energy Field and the Tan Tien (Hara, or 2nd Chakra as it is also known by) and fuels our physical body and our passions. It inspires our sense of purpose and helps to express our love and creativity within our hearts. In working with the chakras we will work with the energy from the Universal Energy Field, we will learn how to bring this energy into our bodies and allow it to flow through our hearts and out our hands, into the layers of the chakras, helping us to sense or see into them.

Spiritual Awakening:

Teachings on the Soul, who are we, why are we here, what is our life’s purpose. How to make a deeper connection with God.  Learn techniques for reaching higher states of consciousness, and deepening our connection with God/Source.  This class includes a soul reading and life path reading and the importance of entering on a spiritual path. (3 hrs)

Mentoring Sessions to Help You On Your Path to Spiritual Awakening:

When entering on a spiritual path it is valuable to have a mentor, someone who has they themselves become awakened, they may be in the physical form or in spirit realm.  I was guided to Enlightened Master Osho over 20 years ago while living in India.  I lived at the Osho School of Mysticism for several years learning meditation, psychic development and spiritual awakening techniques.  With this knowledge and experience, I can help you open to your self-realization. One can try alone on their search for awakening but due to the Ego/Personality there are many pitfalls and one may never truly reach their goal.  That is why I highly recommend a mentor, an awakened Master or Teacher. There are many Enlightened Masters one can connect to such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Meera, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Paramahansa Yogananda, and more. I have mentored hundreds of my clients to understand the importance of being a disciple/student of an Enlightened Master, and to help them know who their Master/Teacher is and the right path for them along their spiritual journey. I have found that due to our past lives in different cultures, religions we can have connections to those Masters/Teachers that we have known before.

Meditation Class:

Meditation can help us de-stress in life, find peace within and open up our higher centers, awakening our subtle intuitive senses, and strengthen our psychic abilities. Meditation can create the space of silence within for the psychic information to flow through. We will learn what meditation is and what it is not, you will experience ancient techniques used by other cultures. (2 hrs)

Working with a Pendulum:

The energy within our own body is connected with the natural force of the earth, God consciousness and our own psychic wisdom. We can access higher knowing through the use of a pendulum (object made of wood, crystal or stone) or use our own body as a human pendulum. You will learn how to use these methods to tap into your inner wisdom to receive answers to guide you in your life. (1 hr)

Past Life Regression:

Understanding past lives and discovering who you are through a past life regression.  We all have lived before, and so we bring our past inclinations and talents (Karma) into our current life.  However, most of us are unaware of our karma and how it is affecting us presently.  This is because the influence of our karma exists on another dimension and cannot be reached by our normal senses.

A past life regression can be used to explore previous life’s events and relationships to those you know now, and how you were connected in past lives. A past life regression can bring understanding and clarity into some issues that seem to be blocking your progress in living joyously. This can be especially helpful for anyone who is having an unexplained difficulty in their daily living.  Other issues to explore are unexplained anxiety or fear, unexplained illnesses and unexplained reactions and feelings towards people. This type of session is also of benefit for anyone who would like to know more about their present and future potential.

The process requires guiding you to a relaxed comfortable place within yourself, and then moving you deeper into the subconscious mind that stores all memories of past lives and this life as well.  In the process you are fully aware and in control of your session at all times, to recall or relive a past life that is most important to you. (1 – 1/2 hrs)

Meeting Your Guides/Angels:

All of us come into this world with Guardian Angels or Guides from the Spiritual Realm. Some of our guides and angels are appointed to us before birth to help us on this earth-plane to learn our life’s lessons, and for our spiritual guidance and connection to God/Spirit. We have guides that are connected to our past lives that can come in at different points in our life to help us on our life’s journey. Through a meeting your guides exercise you will contact your angels or guides. You will learn the name of your guide, be able to ask questions, and how to get in touch with your guide whenever you need to in the future. You can also experience channeling your guide. This process takes an additional œ hour. (1 – 1 1/2hrs)

Transformational Emotional Wound Healing Sessions:

This healing session is a journey deep into your unconscious mind that holds old patterns and beliefs that were created within your first 10 years of life. This can go back as far as into the womb. These can be positive or negative beliefs and patterns that affect your life today. Your core beliefs go very deep within you and cannot be accessed just by talking about them from your intellectual part of your mind. For many of my clients they do not recall these patterns and beliefs that were created so early on, but yet they know something is affecting them in a negative way.  Though a light hypnosis process we will get in touch with those root beliefs, and re-pattern them.  In doing so, this will allow your spirit to flow freely and creatively in life. Clearing away the old can bring a profound spiritual transformation on all levels that opens our heart and connects us to our divine nature and deeps our connection with God/Source.  (1 1/2 – 2 hrs)

Techniques for Clearing Away Blocks, Beliefs Using EFT

You will be taught the basic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),
How it can assist you in moving through blocks, old patterns, and beliefs, those parts of the ego that no longer serve you, such as fear, guilt, shame, unworthiness, non deserving; that can get in the way of creating an abundant life within and without. The EFT process can support you on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. (2 hrs)

Tarot Card Reading:

Tarot cards are a specially designed deck of cards with pictures and symbols on them, and contained within these pictures and symbols are particular energies and messages.  Through a specific layout of the cards they revel information about a situation or event in one’s life, past, present or future. The tarot cards act as a means to tap into our psychic and spiritual connections. The cards are merely a tool, a point of focus, to allow the flow of energy and information from that of Source (Spirit). In this exercise we will learn how to use the cards to develop and strengthen our psychic intuitive abilities. (2 hrs)

Dream Interpretation:

What do our dreams mean?  Dreams have important messages for our daily life, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In our dream state we can also connect to higher states of consciousness, and receive messages for our present and future and those from the other side. In this class you will learn how to interpret the symbols in your dreams and receive the messages that they have for you. Bring a dream to your session. (1 hr)

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Nirup – An internationally known psychic.  For the past 23 she years has been bringing guidance and clarity to clients from all over the world. Trained in India for seven years, she offers Psychic Readings, Soul Path Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Healing, and Past Life Regression. Seminars in Psychic Development and Meditation. Sessions by phone, email and Skype. Read more about Nirup’s work