Sedona Sacred LightWelcome to Sedona Sacred Light Institute in Sedona, AZ.

I am Nirup Barnum, I created the Sedona Sacred Light Institute over 10 years ago. It has been my passion and my calling since 1990 to help others on their life’s path of Nirup.Sedona.psychicpersonal and spiritual development, and to find answers and direction in all areas of life through my psychic readings and spiritual counseling. I have been leading seminars and workshops since 1990, in Canada, and the USA. And have worked as a psychic, spiritual counselor and mentor, working with well over 100,000.00 clients.

I moved to Sedona in 1999, and through my business Psychic Readings by Nirup, I offered sessions, in psychic, spiritual counseling, and emotional healing and training, before creating my second business Sedona Sacred Light Institute in 2007 for the purpose of spiritual awakening.  I have created a warm, friendly, fun learning environment, to experience personal and spiritual development through workshops, trainings, classes and sessions, in person and online. Your experience here at the Sedona Sacred Light Institute will allow you to experience many things about yourself and to transform your life.

The Sedona Sacred Light Institute is located in the beautiful red rock country, known as the crown jewel of Arizona. Sedona is known as the spiritual hub of the U.S.A., attracting over 4 million people a year to explore and experience the wonder, magic and the beauty of the land and the trans-formative healing powers of the vortex energies. Sedona is just two hours from Phoenix AZ.

Due to the power of the Vortex energies here in Sedona, your experience at the Sedona Sacred Light Institute is accelerated. Experiencing Sedona’s vortex energies whether out on the land or indoors at our center can be a great catalyst for your spiritual growth, in developing your intuitive and psychic centers, learning to meditate, getting in touch with your passions, clarity and knowing your direction in life.

At the Sedona Sacred Light Institute in Sedona I offer various trainings throughout the year. Workshops and Trainings, are from 1 day to 4 days. Individual trainings, half day and full days. Due to such an interest in learning to develop oneself I created Awakening The Other You, a full training on DVD, Download or View Online Training course.

Individual sessions in readings, emotional and spiritual healing are available.

Join me in celebrating yourself,and celebrating life.