Nirup Barnum

Psychic, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Past Life Regressionist, Emotional Healing

Since 1990, my passion and purpose in life has been to work as a Psychic, Spiritual Guide & Teacher, helping you discover your own divine psychic, intuitive and spiritual gifts. I teach you techniques in meditation, self-awareness, and guiding you on your spiritual path, leading you to your spiritual awakening and enlightenment. In doing so you will create a life of inner peace, happiness, loving relationships, abundance and success in your life.

I offer sessions in Psychic Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Life Path Readings, Emotional Healing, Aura Chakra Reading/Balancing and Past Life Regression. Sessions are available by phone or in person in Sedona AZ. Please contact me for further information or to schedule an appointment at 928-300-8338. Visit my website

I am a member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Healing Touch Professionals Association, and the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association – President.

In my many travels throughout the world, my focus was on peoples’ life experiences, spiritual beliefs, customs and practices. I came to realize that people everywhere were searching passionately for psychic and spiritual experiences to understand themselves and their connection to God/Source.

This led me to search more intensely to understand and develop my own spiritual nature and psychic abilities. I was guided to a meditation center – The Osho School of Mysticism in Pune, India. I spent seven years focusing mainly in the areas of Psychic Development, Past Lives, Intuitive Counseling, Meditation Methods, and Spiritual Awakening Techniques.

In the USA and Canada, I furthered my spiritual and psychic studies. I became certified in Hikomi Counseling, Inner Child Healing Work, Creative Therapies and EFT. I also deepened my training in Aura & Chakra Balancing/Healing, Reiki and Jin Shin Do Acupressure. Since 1990 I have led psychic workshops and individual transformational sessions and given thousands of psychic readings. I continue to do my spiritual work all over the world and live in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is quite a mystical and beautiful location, and I hope you have an opportunity to visit me.

“After leaving my spiritual reading session with Nirup, I felt more confidence, trust, and balance. It was not only valuable psychic insight, but it was also a great self-esteem booster. It was as if an old friend was helping me work through my worries and I appreciate that comfort she reflected upon me.” S.B., Sedona, Arizona

“Thank you Nirup…you were MARVELOUS! I am the one that was either giggling or tearful and too overwhelmed with information and teachings at the time I was receiving your psychic gifts and insight, but OH YOU HAVE HELPED ME SO… The doors just keep opening now that I am refocused in lightwork!!! THANK YOU for being there, and for my spirit guides for getting me to you, for the wake up call!….blessings galore!” Kathy Braden, GA