Do we all have psychic abilities?

Yes, everyone is psychic, and has the gift of intuition and psychic abilities, but not all are aware or in tune with their abilities. Using your psychic abilities and intuition can help to bring clarity and direction to your own life and those around you. Your psychic abilities can support you in moving forward on your spiritual journey.

How do I get in touch with my psychic abilities?

A good place to start is to listen to your intuition, becoming more sensitive and aware of your inner voice within. Intuition is part of the psychic realm and developing it will open you up to your subtle higher senses.

How do I further develop my psychic abilities?

There are many techniques to open up your abilities, through meditation, energy awareness techniques, connecting to your guides and more, these can be found in training materials such as books, DVD’s, online trainings and in person trainings.

How long does it take to become a psychic?

It can be as simple as taking a short training program. You will begin to read your own energy and those of others around you. With regular practice, and with further training you can develop your abilities to the level of give professional psychic readings.

What are psychic intuitive readings used for?

A psychic reading can help us to make better decisions in life, what to get what to avoid. A psychic reading can support us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Are any psychics 100% accurate?

No psychic can be 100% accurate, an 85% accuracy rate would be considered high. And this would also depend on the questions and information provided. Example, when it comes to relationship questions, I can be reading you and the person you are asking about, and see the possibilities, potential, and path before you, but you and the other person also will have some influence on the path, by the choices, behaviors and decisions you make. We all have free will free choice. This what is known as FATE and DESTINY. With FATE the path before you is more set, certain things are meant to play out in your life, regardless of what you do. With DESTINY the path is there, but your choices and those of others can influence it.

How does having a psychic reading over the phone work?

An advanced psychic can read your energies over the phone. For myself I pick up on the energy and vibration of your voice, and at the same time I receive impressions, feelings, and visions as we begin to talk. The physical body is not needed to be present in order for us to connect. An example would be with mothers and their children in times of war, where they can sense each other.

I have fear about being psychic, is being psychic bad?

Many people in our society have been conditioned to believe having psychic abilities is bad or wrong or even evil. This is due to our belief system, our religion, our programming. In many other cultures, they embrace being able to use their psychic abilities to help them in life, on a practical level, survival level and spiritual level. If we could look at what psychic abilities really are and why we have them, then we would choose not be in fear. Being open and learning about our psychic abilities can help us to more empowered in our day to day life, and to connect us deeper spiritually.

What is the Soul?

The soul is that part of us that journeys from life time to life time, in and out of body, that part of us that is beyond the body, and analytical mind. The soul comes in to us while we are in the womb, the soul and our body unite through the chakra system, and for this lifetime, we act together.

A way to look at it is; your soul is like the hard drive of a computer, you come in with it in this body/mind, you could have been born in any country of the world, and you would still be that soul that came in with its lessons, behaviors, past life experiences. The ego/personality is like the software, programming from society, culture, family, and religion. In most of us, due to our conditioning we are disconnected from knowing our soul self, and taught more to believe our ego/personality is who we are. That is why we feel separate from God, and a lot of times feel empty inside. I hear time and time again from clients I feel something is missing in me.

How does one get in touch with their Soul self?

Through meditation practice and spiritual awakening techniques, one can begin to have experiences to get a glimpse of their divine part of themselves. It takes practice and discipline and in time you will make the shift of living from the periphery of who you are to your center. From your smaller mind (ego) to your higher mind (inner consciousness). There are things we do in our life were we can make the connection naturally like being in nature, through music, art, dance, etc, but the key is that when we are experiencing these things, we need to be 100% conscious in the act, not divided.

What is the Soul’s path?

To work towards becoming a fully realized being, to become enlightened. Part of being in human form on this earth-plane is to experience and learn our lessons and challenges that the soul took on in its path towards enlightenment. One of the lessons we came here to learn and experience is love, total unconditional love, to be love, not think love. This can only happen when we are living from the heart center, from our divine self, not the head center, the ego.

There is so much suffering out there in the world because we do not live from our heart center, we live from the head center, which has qualities such as greed, fear, control, anger, scarcity. We think we know what love is, but we do not. Yes at times when we spontaneously move from the head center to the heart center, we can have experiences of being love, but we do not stay in this center. That is why we move back and forth between love and hate at any moment, these are just two parts of the ego.

Conscious effort and spiritual practice is needed to move to the heart center; as we have been moved away from this center not long after we came into this world, for some people we became separated, as early as inside the womb.

As a therapist, spiritual counselor I work with a technique of guiding my clients back to the moment, the point of separation, reconnecting them to their divine self, so they can experience their state of oneness.

The phrase fall from grace means the disconnect from our higher self and God, the unawareness or forgetfulness of who we are as divine beings and our connection to God/Source. There is no sin involved, just unawareness. Part of the journey is to remember whom we are, to awaken to our divine self. It is just a matter of turning from without to within, and though spiritual practice we can awaken to our divine self – Soul self.