Testimonial sedona sacred light“I was originally drawn to the Sedona Sacred Light Seminar to find answers on why different events and feelings were happening to me, and had always happened to me.To start with I spoke with Nirup over the phone in a consultation to make sure I was comfortable with their beliefs and who they were. Many people I had consulted in the past either said “Trust me I have the answers you need”, or tried to control or take away what I was trying to understand. I made the decision to attend the seminar and was amazed at the incredible trusting and loving environment Nirup created. She gave those of us in the class tools to understand our selves, techniques to help use and manifest our gifts. She taught us how to start removing our own blocks, and helped us to start to realize who we really are and what we are capable of. It was definitely a hands on interactive seminar. She taught and shared in a way the empowered us all, and the results were better than I could have ever imagined. For me, it was a life changing experience, and for the first time in years, I am beginning to understand the possibilities and wonders that life and it’s experiences have to offer. Thank you Nirup” – D.S. – Montana Big Sky Country

Testimonial sedona sacred light“This is a time of great change and transformation for me in my life—on both the inner and the outer levels. I sought Nirup while I was in Sedona, recently, on a vacation. I had many questions and she provided much insight and guidance to help me in making some important decisions in my life. She shared her gifts and psychic talent readily and “tuned in” on many of the variables that were unknowns to me. The information helped me to see things from different perspectives and to gain compassion both for myself and others in this journey that I am undertaking. I decided to follow up with Nirup when I returned to my home state to engage in a past life regression (by Skype) to help me heal from childhood trauma. It was a wonderful experience for me!! I found it to be very healing and transformative. I highly recommend Nirup for help in dealing with transformation, healing and change and any other issues that you confront as you live your life. Maren, CA

Testimonial sedona sacred lightThank you so much for your reading,your guidance feels true to me! I, too, have had the same feelings….although at times….allowing the doubt and fear to persuade me to not trust myself! You are so right in describing what I am looking for in my mate……I do believe with every ounce of my being that anything is possible….and magic happens everyday! Thank you again for reminding me that I can trust what I feel! Dawn USA

Testimonial sedona sacred light“It was an amazing experience, with much learning, laughter, and awakening, as we were guided & supported on our spiritual journeys.” D.S. Mass

Testimonial sedona sacred light“You created such a beautiful sacred, safe and loving space which allowed me to open up to explore all the possibilities and the gifts I may have brought with me this life time, It’s been the most empowering experience.” L.D. Montana

Testimonial sedona sacred light“First of all I want to thank Nirup for helping me in our session together. I feel confident now to carry myself through my problems. After speaking with her over the phone, the following morning I woke up and it felt a huge weight on my shoulder was gone. I feel in control of my emotions for the first time after I had my roller coaster of emotions for months because of my separation with my husband. I am so glad that I called her and let her go through the inner knower process with me. I now have peace and I will for sure use for the rest of my life the technique that I learned from her.”  A.C. Canada

Testimonial sedona sacred light“I’ve been reading many books, going to seminars, and picking up energy techniques in a haphazard fashion for 20 years, finally thanks to the Sedona Sacred Light Institute, this study course of  Intuition and Your Inner Knower, gave new information and insights that I have never been able to get anywhere else. I was able to develop my intuition and learn many wonderful techniques to guide me along my spiritual path.”  Lorraine S. FL

Testimonial sedona sacred light“The ‘Inner Knower Process’ technique provided a forum in which I was able to develop my intuition, clear away patterns and beliefs that got in the way of me doing that before. Nirup provided guidance as to how to get to the core and defuse some of the debilitating effects these feelings cause in me.  Nirup is a wonderful teacher, and guides you with compassion, love and awareness, she knows “You” and can give you the exact tools and guidance you need to awaken and develop your divine self.”  Carol J, Ohio

Testimonial sedona sacred light“In a couple of words I can say this training is just phenomenal. With each exercise and teaching it took me further and further into knowing who I am spiritually and developing my intuition, my higher sense perception, I did not know this was possible for me.”  P. Sedona AZ

Testimonial sedona sacred light“I just listened again to our session – so enlightening!  I am halfway through the ‘Inner Knower’ DVD and I plan on ordering “Awakening the other you” within the next two months.  I can’t thank you enough for what you are teaching me.”  D.R. Phoenix A

Testimonial sedona sacred light“Thank you so much for my sessions, and the audio files so that I can listen to them again. My time with you really meant a lot, and we started a process together that I have been continuing at home. You are very skilled in many ways, and I’m so grateful for our session. Thanks again for everything, I will definitely come see you again when I come back to Sedona.”  B.C. PA

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