Chakragraph-optChakra, which is Sanskrit for the “wheel,” corresponds to the ever-turning wheel of time. The communication of the ideals of the chakra originates in Eastern cultures, including the Indian and Buddhist religions. These chakras are your spiritual being’s power centers or vortexes of psychological energy.

There are seven major chakras, with some minor chakras distributed throughout our hands and feet. These chakras, sometimes known as lotuses, open and close like the flowers they are named after. Chakras form a complete unit, and any chakra that is closed or overblown will disrupt your body’s internal harmony. This disruption causes mental cloudiness, confusion, or strife. Sometimes, when a chakra is truly closed, this can result in mental illness. However, overblown chakras are just as troublesome as closed chakras. Overblown chakras are so open that they are disproportionately using your body’s psychological energy, causing other chakras to become deficient.

The seven primary chakras correspond to the seven nerve ganglia of our physical bodies. Just as the seven neural ganglia of our physical bodies control our physical existence, the seven chakras control our mental, spiritual, psychological existence. The awakening of these seven chakras transports our mental selves higher into the realm of enlightenment into the true reality of the world.

The chakras begin at the base of the spine and travel upward to the crown of the head. Each corresponds to an aspect of universal knowledge. Each chakra corresponds to a particular facet of your life and personality.

These chakras can be developed into fully functioning, open chakras through mediation, visualization, and other guidance. Once all of your chakras are fully open and functioning in harmony together, you are on your way to becoming a completely enlightened being.

Chakras may be activated, or opened, via meditation, mental exercises, or yoga. Through these exercises, the individual learns to open the mind to connect with all others in the world. We are all connected; each and every one of us contains a conscious mind that can freely interact with the other. This universal connectedness is what leads to enlightenment. Connecting with the universal consciousness through opening all seven chakras leads to freedom from all human suffering: greed, sorrow, anger, spite, and dishonesty. Once an individual learns to connect with all, these human characteristics fall away and are replaced by the open, united minds of one universal being.

As there are multiple branches on the tree of life that each connect to one rooted trunk, individuals all connect to one another through spiritual oneness. Allow me to show you how to gently open the petals of your chakras, and you will experience the full and everlasting lightness of being that may be attained by universal connectedness with others.

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