Welcome to Nirup’s Psychic Mini-Course Part 2

Have you been here before?
Can you contact those who have been here before?

As a child, I often felt spirits around me in the house. Have you ever been in bed and felt like someone was sitting on your bed or hovering over you? Perhaps not for you, but it was a common experience for me. When this happened, my heart started racing and I was so afraid to open my eyes, but I knew if did open my eyes I would not be able to stand it and so I would just wait until the feeling went away. This would happen frequently. For a long time I continued to be scared, as I did not know what or who they were. Furthermore, I projected the worst because I grew up in a home that was not the most loving, nor safe and secure environment. After some time of experiencing this unknown type of spirit energy (what felt like an actual but not quite real person near me), I started to relax with it and I began to feel that this was really okay. In fact, I came to know that these spirits were trying to give me positive energy, they were there to protect me. I came to know that some of these spirits were my spirit guides. But, I had to go through many nights of fear and anxiety before becoming aware and relaxed with it all.

I now connect with my spirit guides on a regular basis. You can discover your guides and how to access them with a Meeting Your Guides session. You will receive a CD recording of your session, listening to this will allow you to reconnect time and time again.

Do you have a childhood psychic-intuitive story? You can write it down while it is fresh in your mind: Take some time to do that now.

Do you have a psychic-intuitive (psi) journal? It would be quite helpful to have one and to start using it. Keeping track of your significant life events will strengthen all of your personal tool chests items. By keeping track of my psi experiences I became aware of psi skills.

The following list is the some of aspects of my psi abilities? They are also your potential psi talents.

These psychic-intuitive skills or senses fall into the following categories: clairvoyant (clear seeing); clairaudient (clear hearing); clairsentient (clear sensing); clairolfaction (clear smelling); and, clairgustant (clear tasting).

  • Clairvoyant: Is the ability to see pictures or images come into your mind’s inner third eye. These pictures come as bits and pieces or flashes of information. Some people see these images with their eyes closed or even with eyes open. You may be looking at a person in front of you, but get other images around them, kind of ghost like. These are bits of information about the person you are seeing, or it can be you are on your own, in meditation or in a dream state, and these images can come to you. The images come from the beyond to you, seems like out of nowhere, then you are given a thought or message along with it. The message can be so clear that you cannot mistake it or in other instances you may need time to decipher it. The information coming through can be in the way of objects, symbols, colors, you may see persons, scenes like small movies, lights, words, auras, past life images of people, loved ones crossed over, visions of the past, present or future, and people or places in other spiritual dimensions, such as higher sentient or enlightened beings. Some people see their guides or angles.
  • Clairaudient: You may be clairaudient and psychically hear sounds, words, sentences, thoughts, tones, music, and other types of sounds or noises that come into your head. These sounds and words are inaudible to the normal hearing range and seem to come from out of nowhere, but are heard within your head or beside your ear.
  • Clairsentient: This is the ability to feel within your own physical body sensations of energies around you, other people’s emotions, feelings and even physical conditions such as aches and illnesses. You may sense the presence of people around you that are living or in spirit form, such as relatives, guides, and angels.
  • Clairgustant: The ability to psychically taste a substance, the energy of something within the aura or the energy of a particular food and not the actual food, that is tasted on the tongue. An example can be when you intend to eat some food that is not good. You may have an odd taste that the food is off or going off and you get a strong taste on your tongue warning you not to eat it.
  • Clairolfaction: This is the ability to pick up the energy of the food or aura around the body, you can smell the energies. These energies are transformed into smell in the nose. An example would be a food that has gone off, or pipe tobacco or perfume of a loved one passed over.

A psychic/soul reading focusing on your own hidden psychic talents and the way that you can utilize them in your life can be helpful in tuning into your own psychic potential.

Here are some exercises to help become aware of these psychic skills:


Candle Gazing – This is a technique I learned in India. Find a quiet comfortable place, dimly lit, light a candle, sit down, facing the candle taking some relaxed deep breaths in, breathing in the belly, releasing any tensions in the body with the out breath. Begin by gazing into the candle flame; watching the flame, after a few moments focus where the blue color of the flame meets with the gold, this is the point where you can open to your psychic center. Continue gazing at this spot for about 15 minutes or until you feel your have absorbed enough. Close your eyes and take another 5 minutes to focus inside, watching your thoughts and resting in your belly. This technique can open your awareness and prepare your intuition for observing things throughout your day, such as people, events, places, without analyzing, simple looking. You will notice more around you and pay attention to more of the details. Practice this for the week.


Listening to Nature – Locate an outdoor space where you can sit and relax, this can be in your garden or in a park. A quiet place where you can hear the sounds of nature, the birds, the wind around & thru the trees, the rustling of leaves, etc. Close your eyes for a few moments, take some relaxed breaths into your belly, letting go of tension. Center in the lower part of the belly, this will help you to drop from the head center to the belly, and allow you to be more present. Listen to the medley of the bird songs and the rest of nature around you. Take time to connect to the different sounds. Listen intuitively, sensing the essence within each. Practice this for the week, your hearing will become heightened.


Using Your Sense of Touch – Find a place in the garden or park to spend some time, using your hands to touch the plants, trees, rocks, flowers, stones, etc. Before you start the exercise, find a place to sit down, close your eyes, take some deep breaths into the lower part of your belly, center again, allow your mind to become quiet. When you feel relaxed enough start by using your hands to feel the plants, flowers, etc, take a few minutes with each one. It helps to close your eyes, and just with your hard slightly above each object, let the sensations of what you are connecting to start to vibrate in your hand, feel the warmth, tingling, and maybe even receive messages, thought forms from the objects. Notice all the different sensations you experience. Practice this for a week.


Using Your Sense of Taste –Start you day by paying close attention to everything that you taste, from the toothpaste, to food you eat for breakfast, to other objects, unfamiliar things you want to test. Notice the flavors, sweet, salty, sour, cool, hot, and metallic. Opening yourself completely to what you are tasting. Practice for a week.


Using Your Sense of Smell – You can do this with a friend, have them make up a plate of different items, it can be foods, fragrances or safe household cleaning products – such as furniture polish, soaps, papers, cloth etc. Have your eyes blindfolded and then go through each object carefully to experience each scent. As you are doing this be aware of the feelings that arise in you for each scent. Practice for one week.

Psychic Bill of Rights

  1. We have the right to discover and freely use our psychic, intuitive abilities.
  2. We have the right to use our psychic-intuitive (psi) sense along with our right of free speech and the use of a free press. (In other words, it is okay to talk and write about our psychic-intuitive experiences.)
  3. We can use our psi center to avoid the pitfalls of life.
  4. We have the right to use our psi ability to acquire material necessities and to gain abundance.
  5. We may use our psi talents to contact those loved ones who have crossed over.
  6. We have the right check with our psi to foretell the best life path to follow.
  7. We may use our psi abilities to be highly creative.
  8. We may use our psi to protect ourselves from undue personal problems by knowing what to do and what to avoid.
  9. We may know our highest and best use in our careers with our psi sense.
  10. We have a right to use our psi gifts to discover and awaken our spiritual nature.

Nirup helped me to get in touch with my guides, which I was not able to do on my own. It brought me a tremendous amount of comfort to know they are there, and that now I can connect to them at any time myself through the technique she shared with me. Thank you Nirup. W.B. Newport Beach, CA

Love and light, Nirup
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