“Bliss is a seed – we bring it with us, but very few people are good gardeners.
They live their whole lives and the seed remains there; it never comes to bloom.
The potential remains potential, never becomes actual.
That’s what misery is: not to be that which one is destined to be.” – by Osho

How do we know who we are destined to be? It takes knowing oneself.  For most of us we have not been taught, or encouraged from early on in our life, to be who we are, to express who we are, our true intrinsic nature, but how others, society, parents and teachers want us to be.

Everyday I have clients that come to see me, asking such questions, Who am I?  Why am I here?  What are my next steps in life?  What is my life’s purpose? How do I get in touch with my higher self?  These are powerful questions to ponder in our life.

There is a deep calling within us to search and seek, to grow and evolve, to be in alignment with our true self, and destiny.  Our deeper inner self will not let this search go. If we go against this deeper inner search, we may find that we become melancholy, depressed, hopeless, irritated, or a feeling of divine discontentment that something is not right.  Even though our outer world may be looking right to others; the right job, right house, right relationship, but on a deeper inner level something is missing.  This missing is the soul’s divine search for one’s truth and one’s life path.

Taking the steps to move closer to yourself, can be started by practicing meditation, yoga, various spiritual practices, personal development, developing your intuition and inner knowing. Also connecting with nature can give you the feeling of something bigger and more powerful than you, and creates a humbleness in you,  a sense of gratitude, and awe to something more than the outer you, the Ego.

Taking the steps to begin this path can bring your closer to your true divine self, where you will know your next steps in life, and be in tune with the Universe and what God/Source has in store for you. Starting on the path is the first thing, if you would like to begin this journey within yourself, you can discover more about the Inner Knower Process at intuitioninnerknower.com . If you are wanting to be on a deeper committed path of spiritual and personal awakening,  you can develop yourself with unique techniques and practices that I learned in India. You can visit www.awakeningtheotheryou.com

Blessings to you on your journey, Nirup