As a psychic reader/spiritual counselor, living in Sedona AZ for the past 11 years, I have heard my clients’ stories of how they have come to know about Sedona. For some people it is through a friend, or a magazine, or seeing the beauty of Sedona’s red rocks on television. For others it comes in a dream or perhaps thru a recommendation by a psychic to visit Sedona. And yet, for others it may be by little signs such as a bumper sticker on a car, or opening a map and their attention is drawn to Sedona. Others have told me, “I went driving and ended up in Sedona.” Sedona can call you one way or another!

It is said – beauty is truth, beauty is spiritual. That certainly is the case with Sedona. Sedona affects people in many ways. It can be for its beauty of the red rocks, the weather, or outdoor activities; such as hiking, jeep tours, sight seeing, or playing golf. For many, they come here because Sedona is known as the spiritual new age Mecca of America. Also, thousands arrive here annually to take in the healing vortex energies of Sedona, and to renew themselves and deepen their connection to loved ones.

Still there are those who come to for personal growth retreats, massage, psychic readings and energy healings. The peaceful, relaxing and meditative surroundings that exist here indeed help to awaken our spiritual presence.

Many people move to Sedona, because of wanting a more Spiritual lifestyle. What is a spiritual lifestyle? For me, it is when you make your “spiritual path” your top priority in life. When our focus of life is in harmony with nature, with our inner being and that of God/Source/Spirit, then that synchronicity begins to function with all we do. This allows us see and do with our hearts. With this heartfelt manner, we may desire to be in service to others by helping them to grow spiritually. In Sedona the collective energies of so many people on their spiritual path helps to create a spiritual energy field for the protection and prosperity of all spiritual seekers.

Come visit Sedona to make a connection to the land, and a connection to yourself.

Nirup Barnum is a Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, and Past Life Regression Therapist.She has been guiding others on their life’s path since 1990. Visit Nirup in Sedona Arizona, for an in person reading or call for a phone session at 928-300-8338. View her