Welcome to Nirup’s Psychic Mini-Course Part 3

This truth within thy mind rehearse, That in a boundless universe Is boundless better, boundless worst. -Alfred, Lord Tennyson “The Two Voices” (1833)

Strive for what is best for you and you’ll move in the boundlessly better universe.
What are you striving for? ______________________
What concerns you most?________________________
Take some time in this moment o write down your answers.

It has been said that 70% of the brain has been designed and programmed to inhibit the other 30%. Therefore, it is difficult not to doubt yourself and hard indeed to gather and maintain confidence in something new. Without the backing of your own psychic-intuitive forces to lend their support and power, it would be easy to fall into fear and give up whatever you might be striving to do. When your psi functions normally you will gain determination which will carry you through the most troubling of times. Why? Because you know your right.

Any thing in which we have a high importance to accomplish will activate our psychic-intuitive center. That item which urgently concerns us will stimulate our psychic-intuitive abilities.

There is a progressive pyramid of issues for successful endeavors and likewise for potential flops and delays. It is like a choice between “acres of diamonds” or “miles of minefields”.

When we take care of our lower needs we naturally want to progress to the next higher level of needs. These stages of needs were discovered and written about by Abraham Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs.

Self-actualization needs (Fifth level) [Personal growth and fulfillment]

Ego-Esteem needs (Fourth level) [Achievement, responsibility, reputation, status]

Social-group needs (Third level) [Work group, social activity, family, affection, relationships]

Safety-security needs (Second level) [Protection, order, law enforcement, stability, safe from disease]

Survival-physiological needs (First level) [Basic life needs-air, water, food, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, etc.]

The decisions we make on these levels and areas will determine the quality of our lives. Using our psychic-intuitive abilities can help us move up to and function in our self-actualizing zone. A most worthwhile endeavor.

To help us tap into our intuitive center and to make decisions from our “inner most being” or “inner truth” is a technique I have taught many people to use.

To do this technique we need to first be aware of other centers within us that are separate from the Ego/Mind, rational mind. We need to get in touch with our intuition and the source of who we are, at the Soul level.

Quieting our minds by focusing inward-

This place has many names such as; our inner being, inner self, God self, Source, Soul. To focus inward we want to find a quiet space to sit or lie down. Close our eyes, this is good practice as it helps to refocus the energy from the outer world to your inner world. Focus on the heart or belly area, make this your center of focus, feeling like it has a mind of its own. So that your inner answers can come from this center, not the Ego center from the head area. Take eight to ten breaths in the lower belly; as you breath in expand the belly like a balloon and exhale slowly, releasing the belly. This type of breathing quiets the mind, and gives you a feeling of being centered in your body/mind connection. Once the mind becomes quiet and you feel peace and quiet within, you can begin asking your inner self for clarity.

Example; If I could see before me the next step I need to take in this situation it would be……….”(and finish the question with your inner answer from your inner self. Not thinking from you mind what to say.) Or, “If I could know if this person I am with is the best person for my Souls growth the answer is……….” (what ever the answer is yes or no, then go further and ask) “It is yes/no because……….” and you can take it further depending on the answer you get by asking again a phrase that takes you to your next answer. You can also ask “If I could know what my truth is in this situation or matter it would be………” Let your inner voice speak to you.

Some people ask me “What is it I should be doing for my career path?” Again center yourself tune in and ask, “If I could see what I would be most passionate about it would be to…….” and “If I could see in what way I would be working it would be to…….” “and the steps I need to take in order to make that happen would be to……..” Remember to let your inner self guide you. If the answer comes back and it is “I do not know” then know that you are back in the Ego/rational mind. Then say “If I did know or could know it would be…..”

You can ask about any question or feeling within yourself. Example; “If I could know why I feel; angry, sad, hopeless, anxious, nervous, frustrated or any other emotion it is because…….” After any answer you get, you can always ask “Is this true”, and you will get a yes or no, if it is yes it will feel solid and right, and if no, then ask “it is no because…….” and that will lead you to the truth.

Your inner self will give you all the answers, and the more you check in with your inner self, the more you start to crystallize this center, and start living from your inner sense of knowing and truth all the time. You can even use this in the moment, when you are confused or undecided about anything.

I have used this technique with hundreds of clients over the years and they have received instantaneous results; and are so surprised at how easy it is to get to their inner truth and how right it feels when they receive the answer. Try this process and let me know how it works for you!

If you have tried the above technique and you are still feeling a bit lost and confused, then a spiritual counseling session with me can help you find what you need and get you back on track with your life.

“After my intuitive & spiritual counseling session I felt so much more focused on what I want to do with my future. I felt so at peace. Nirup truly has a gift of insight and inner wisdom. She “knew” me immediately. Open your mind to her and you will gain much.- R.H., Peoria, AZ.

If you’re not doing your thing then whose thing are you doing? Doing your thing is the way to becoming self-actualized. I can help you get in touch with what your thing is. Contact me to book a session with me or with one of my other professional psychics. Included will be a free CD recording of your session with your reading. I find that my clients enjoy to have their sessions on tape to refer back to time and time again.

Love and light, Nirup
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