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What Am I Meant To Do?
Where Am I Going?
What Is The Best Course Of Action For Me?
How Can I Make My Life Better?
How Do I Meet That One Right Person To Be With?
What More Should I Be Doing To Improve Things?
What Should I Do To Realize My Full Potential?
How Do I Best Discover And Develop My Spiritual Side?

“The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience Is The Mysterious. It Is The Source Of All True Art And All Science.” – Albert Einstein

We Are All On A Mysterious Journey Of Discovery. To Help Us On This Questioning Sojourn Through Life We Have Been Given Several Tool Chests (“Tc”) Of Useful Implements. The Fundamental “Tc” Is The Physical Body. It Gives Us Movement And Shelter, A Stable Mobile Home For All Our Undertakings. The Master “Tc” Is Our Intelligence. This Allows Us To Use Logic And Reason In When Constructing The Things In Our Daily Lives. Then There Is The “Tc” Of Emotions. Our Feelings Are An Aid To Guide Us Everyday. Well, I Guess That’s About It, Let’s See, Have I Forgotten Anything? Why Yes, I Have. There Is Yet Another “Tc” – That Of “IIPM”. What Is “IIPM”? It Is The Instinctive-Intuitive-Psychic-Mystical Part Of Us. It Is Like A Large Network In The Brain That Interacts With All Parts Of The Brain And Body. It Is With Us To Help Save Us And Serve Us, Protection And Prosperity.

In Other Words, The “IIPM” Is To Let Us Know What To Get And What To Avoid. A Pretty Amazing Additional Tool Chest Of Goodies. And Yet, This Is By Far The Most Neglected And Misunderstood Array Of Personal Tools That We Have. So, It Makes Sense To Pay Some Attention To This “Tc” And See What We Can Learn About It And Ourselves.

The First Step Is To Show Some Interest In This “IIPM” Area. In Fact, We Can See This In What’s Popular In The Media. Currently, There Is The Hit NBC Tv Series Show “Medium”, Staring Patricia Arquette. The Show Is Based On A Real Live Medium Crime Detective By The Name Of Allison DuBois, Who Lives In Arizona. [A Medium Is Someone Who Can Provide Contact Between Those Living Here And Those Deceased Who Have Crossed Over.] She Has Recently Written A Book Entitled (Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye) And This Book Is Available At Amazon.com . Allison DuBois Is Currently Booked For Three Years And Has A Waiting List Of Over 3,000 People. She Also Has A Backlog Of Some 200 Murder Cases To Investigate.

There Is Also The TV Show “Revelations” Which Airs On Wednesday Night. The Main Characters Are Watching For And Noticing “Signs” Which Help To Guide Their Direction And Actions. During Roman Times There Was A Whole Group Of Professional “Sign” Reader Officials, Known As Augurists, Which Were Highly Respected By All Classes Of The Roman Society. Further Interest Is Shown In The Recent DVD Release Of The Movie “Suspect Zero”, Staring Sir Ben Kingsley As The Twisted Medium Crime Detective Tracking Down Serial Killers. I Suggest You Check Out The Special Features Which Goes Into The Psychic Ability “Remote Viewing” Used By Sir Ben Kingsley To Find The Perpetrators.

There Are TV Shows And Movies To Watch, Books And Magazine Articles To Read, And Internet References To Check Out. Some Books To Check Out At Amazon.com Are: “One Last Time” By John Edward; “Practical Intuition” By Laura Day; And, “Learn To Relax” By Mike George. Being Relaxed Helps To Activate Your Intuition. In Addition, There Are Meditative Musical CDs To Listen To For Relaxation, Such As: “Inner Peace” By Steven Halpern; “Shamanic Dream 2” By Anugama; And, “The Soul Of Healing Meditation” By Deepak Chopra.

Getting in touch with our Intuitive Center – The Headless Meditation

Here is an exercise to help open your psychic-intuitive center first thing in the morning.

It is good to do this first thing in the morning upon waking, because we are closest to our “inner most being”, we have been asleep and connected to another part of our mind, where the ego has not started thinking and planning our day.

For 15 minutes, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You can play some meditative music or if you have a chance to sit in nature. Close you eyes, visualize that you take your head off and place it beside you, don’t worry you can pick it up later. For now you are going to move to the heart center. Take several relaxed and loving breaths into your heart, focusing on inner peace and letting the body relax further with each breath. Allow yourself to experience this space with the mind becoming quieter and quieter, you start to sense your inner silence. This very subtle silent part of yourself is connected to your soul center which is in constant contact with the oneness, universal mind, cosmic consciousness or God Source. Hang out in this space for about 15 – 20 minutes, longer if you have time. Then come back and become aware of your physical body-breath in your belly with your eyes open until you become fully present and alert. Next, as much as possible carry this experience of being heart centered and peaceful throughout your day. Make a commitment to practice this for a number of days in a row and you will start to see and experience positive changes in yourself.

Keeping a Journal

If your interest continues, then begin to keep a journal of your psychic-intuitive thoughts, feelings and experiences. The journal should be broken down by times, early morning, with a record of remembered dreams; late morning, with highlighting the ups and downs so far; early afternoon, with your energy level; late afternoon, with your dominant thoughts and feelings; and, then just before going to bed, a recap of the day along with what your intuition is telling you.

“Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data.” John Naisbitt

As you open to your intuitive & psychic side, doubt may arise regarding these insights and experiences. So, it may be helpful to have a psychic reading to gain clarity and confidence. You can contact me or one of the other professional psychics that work with me. Included with your reading is CD recording of your reading at no additional cost to you.

“This was my first psychic reading and it was very energizing. Nirup immediately pinpointed my creative aspirations and helped me gain clarity on my path. Thank you Nirup.”
K.S., Vancouver, BC Canada

“Nirup was able to open my mind to future changes in my life, her intuitive way of seeing things helped me deal with the transitions from old to new. She hit home on who I am and the way I deal with situations and people. A great reading that will enable me to move forward in life. I would encourage everyone to have a psychic reading with Nirup.”
D. T., Kansas City, KS

Love and light, Nirup

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