Psychic abilities are the higher subtle senses that are beyond our rational mind; of knowing, hearing, seeing, sensing, they allow us to perceive information on a more subtle level, to know what to get and what to avoid in our life. They are within every one of us as a spiritual being in human form. They come with us as part of our higher mind, to help guide us on our soul’s journey in life, to help us make better decisions, and to be aligned to our life’s path, and connect to God/Source, Universal Consciousness.

Some ways in which one can perceive information
on the psychic level –

These psychic-intuitive senses are in the following categories: clairvoyant (clear seeing); clairaudient (clear hearing); clairsentient (clear sensing); clairol faction (clear smelling); and, clairgustant (clear tasting). We can have one or all of these psychic senses working at the same time.

These psychic-intuitive senses are in the following categories: clairvoyant (clear seeing); clairaudient (clear hearing); clairsentient (clear sensing); clairol faction (clear smelling); and, clairgustant (clear tasting). We can have one or all of these psychic senses working at the same time.

Is the ability to see images that come into your mind’s inner third eye. These pictures come as flashes of information. Some people see these images with their eyes closed or even with eyes open. You may be looking at a person in front of you, but are receiving other images around them, kind of ghost like. These are flashes of information about the person you are seeing. Or it can be this information comes to you while you are in meditation or in a dream state. Or in my case when I am giving a intuitive, psychic reading or spiritual counseling session. During a psychic reading, with intent I call forth information for the purpose of a providing answers to my client.

The images or psychic impressions you receive come from the beyond to you, seems like out of nowhere, but in fact it is coming from a number of higher sources, universal consciousness, higher sentient beings, guides, angels, Enlightened Masters. From these sources, you are given a thought or message along with it. The message can be so clear that you cannot mistake it, or in other instances, you may need time to decipher it. The information coming through can be in the way of symbols, colors, you may see persons, scenes like small movies, lights, words, auras, images of people that relate to past lives , loved ones of those around you, that crossed over, visions of the past, present or future, and people or places in other spiritual dimensions beyond the Earth-plane, such as higher sentient or enlightened beings. Some people see their guides or angles.

You may be clairaudient, which on the psychic subtle level, you may hear sounds, words, sentences, thoughts, tones, music, and other types of sounds or noises that come into your head or a voice from beyond, sometimes it can be as if someone is right there is the room speaking to you. These sounds and words are inaudible to the normal hearing range and seem to come from out of nowhere, but are heard within your head or beside your ear. Sometimes spirits, guides, angels, from the other side are so strong to get a message through they may speak out as to actually hear them.

This is the ability on a psychic level to feel within your own physical body sensations of energies around you, other people’s emotions, feelings, hurts, joy and even physical conditions such as aches and illnesses. You may sense the presence of people around you that are energetically in your energy field such as loved ones living or in spirit form, this can be relatives, guides, and angels.

The ability on a psychic level to taste a substance, the energy of something within the aura or the energy of a certain food and not the actual food, that is tasted on the tongue. As an example, can be when you intend to eat some food that is not good. You may have an odd taste that the food is off or going off and you get a strong taste on your tongue warning you not to eat it, this can be even when others who are eating the same food do not notice it, and if this is the case, it is always better to trust your higher psychic sense.

This is the psychic ability to pick up the energy of the food or aura around the body, you can smell the energies. These energies are transformed into smell in the nose. An example would be a food that has gone off, or pipe tobacco or perfume of a loved one passed over. Once in awhile I will smell in the room extremely strong fragrances from those crossed over the person’s smell comes through so strong it permeates all the air around me.

We are all born with the “Seed” of psychic, intuitive abilities, some are more aware of it since birth than others. It can depend on our culture, religion and family up-bringing whether we stayed open to it from our earliest years. Infants and small children are very aware and consciousness of these energies and take them for granted as they do not know any different. It is when we start to become programmed in the Ego to think and believe in a certain way, that leads us away from our intuitive, psychic self, however, we can all develop it with practice; using techniques, meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and taking courses, trainings, such as we ones we provide in Sedona Sacred Light Institute. Psychic and Intuitive Abilities “To Love, to Success, to Evolve.”

Nirup Barnum is a Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Past Life Regression Therapist. She has been guiding others on their life’s path since 1990. Visit Nirup in Sedona Arizona for a psychic reading, spiritual counseling or past life regression session, or call for a phone session at 928-300-8338. Her website is