As a psychic I know that we all have lived before, and so we bring our past inclinations and talents (Karma) into our current life. However, most of us are unaware of our karma and how it is affecting us presently. This is because the influence of our karma exists on another dimension and cannot be reached by our normal senses.

Past lives also know as reincarnation, is something that we are hearing about more and more, the idea and understanding that we have been here before, that this is not our first life time nor our last life time. In other cultures this knowing has been around for thousands of years and in those cultures such as the Native Americans, Aborigines, Tibetan Buddhists, Shamans, and more. These cultures have made the understanding and preparing of birth and death to accommodate their customs and spiritual practices around this area.

We have all said at one time, how someone or something seems so familiar as if we have been there before or have known that person before. That is because we most probably have.

People such as Einstein, Mozart, Michelangelo, came into this life with gifts that they brought with them from a life before this one, how else can you explain Mozart composing music and playing at the age of four years old. He certainly must have been a genius in music in his past life.

Looking into the eyes of a newborn baby, sometimes a parent might say, this child is an old soul; he looks very mature and wise, like he can know and see right into you. This is because his consciousness that he brings with him or her is old and very aware.

The inner most consciousness (the soul) of you is the real you, not the “you” what others physically see. An understanding can be as simple as the observing how your body changes as you grow older when you still feel very young inside. In nature it’s clearly seen in cycles of the caterpillar, which appears dead in its cocoon stage but later emerges with a different body with wings. Just like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly you also are going through everlasting transformation as your soul journeys towards perfection.

The soul holds all past life memories within it so when an issue in this life triggers a past life experience the emotion may seem all out of proportion to what is actually happening in your life. When deep fears and phobias cannot be released through regular therapy or psychiatry, the roots are often found deep in the soul’s memories by accessing the subconscious mind. I have worked with clients where I psychically access or through hypnosis discover a past life where there was sufficient reason for the intense fear. Once the reason for the fear is discovered the memory and energy it’s holding is released and they feel free. By looking at the stuck places in you and shining a light on them they show up like dust in the corner to be cleared away, so you can move forward to grow and expand which is a natural state.

Having been a psychic for many years I came to focus on the aspects of a person’s soul, where had they come from and where they were headed in this lifetime. I used this to zero in on how they were doing in terms of evolving and expanding awareness, learning from past life experiences and transforming them. I also looked at the positive experiences that show up as gifts and talents in this life.

A past life regression can be used to explore this life’s events and relationships to those you know now, and how you were connected in past lives. It can help us to enhance and crystallize what is good in our life today, by seeking to look into those past lives where we have lived our strengths and talents. A past life regression can bring understanding and clarity into some issues that seem to be blocking your progress in living joyously. This can be especially helpful for anyone who is having an unexplained difficulty in their daily living. Other issues to explore are: lack of personal power; career dissatisfaction; lack of commitment; unexplained anxiety or fear; unexplained illnesses and, unexplained reactions and feelings towards people. This type of reading is also of benefit for anyone who would like to know more about their present and future potential.

“Through a Past Life Regression with Nirup, I became more aware of the need for past healing, which is so important to be able to step forward in this life time. It was a very beautiful experience. The first thing we need to do to be happy is, yes, let go of the negative past and past lives. Spiritual journey is endless. And Nirup is one of the greatest healers. Thank you Nirup.“ M. H., Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


Nirup Barnum is a Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, and Past Life Regression Therapist. She has been guiding others on their life’s path since 1990. Visit Nirup in Sedona Arizona, for an in person reading or call for a phone session at 928-300-8338. View her