Meeting Your Guides & Angels
Special Gift

 Click on the link below to play 30 minute guided process. A new window will open with audio file.

Meeting Your Guides

Meeting your guidesIt is best to be in a quiet place where you can relax and not be disturbed, lying down or semi reclining.

This recording will be on two tracks, the first one is the explanation and the second one the guided meditation.

This is a guided mediation process, that will take you on a journey to meet your guides and angels. In this process you will be guided to connect to your higher self, that will allow you to make the connection to your guides, angels, and sometimes your loved ones who have passed over on the other side.

Many of my clients find it beneficial to use this process a number of times when you want to reconnect to your guides or angels, in this way you will really get to know the proper space you need to be in to make the connection. Trying to connect from the mental part of us, the analytical mind will not allow us to make the connection, we need to get out of this part of the mind and go to our higher mind.

Many Blessings Nirup