The soul is that part of us that journeys from life time to life time, in and out of body, that part of us that is beyond the body, and analytical mind. The soul comes in to us while we are in the womb, the soul and our body unite through the chakra system, and for this lifetime, we act together.

A way to look at it is; your soul is like the hard drive of a computer, you come in with it in this body/mind, you could have been born in any country of the world, and you would still be that soul that came in with its lessons, behaviors, past life experiences. The ego/personality is like the software, programming from society, culture, family, and religion. In most of us, due to our conditioning we are disconnected from knowing our soul self, and taught more to believe our ego/personality is who we are. That is why we feel separate from God, and a lot of times feel empty inside. I hear time and time again from clients I feel something is missing in me.