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Blooming Into Your Ultimate Potential


"Bliss is a seed - we bring it with us, but very few people are good gardeners. They live their whole lives and the seed remains there; it never comes to bloom. The potential [...]

Asking the Mind a Question or Inner Knower


What is the difference between simply asking my mind a question and asking my “Inner Knower”.The mind is duality, there is always an opposite, and with the Inner Knower there is only one answer.  [...]

Life is Such a Mystery


Life is such a mystery, no one can understand it. If you are wise, this will be the first realization: life cannot be understood. Understanding is impossible. Only this much can be understood -- [...]

Medical Intuition And Medical Intuitive Healing


Medical Intuition is a process of perceiving information related to physical and emotional imbalances in the human body. A qualified medical intuitive practitioner can tune in and detect deficiencies related to nutritional, traumatic, emotional [...]

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